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2016 Kellion Medal

50 years

Presented at 63rd Annual General Meeting of The Diabetic Association of South Australia Inc. Tuesday 25 October 2016, 10.00am at Diabetes SA, 159 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Hilton SA 5033. Click here to download a copy of the printed booklet.

Diabetes SA is proud to announce the Kellion Victory Medal Recipients for 2015/2016, including:

Graham Plew

graham plewFifty years ago my family were living in Millicent. I was a healthy boy of eleven years, having fun and enjoying myself as kids do. Then my life changed, I became tired, thirsty, losing weight and having no energy. I was taken to the doctors who took blood tests and advised my parents it was either diabetes or leukaemia. The final diagnosis was diabetes.

I spent the next 6 weeks in hospital learning how to take my sugar levels and my mother being taught how to prepare the needles and inject her son with insulin before breakfast and tea each day.

Sugar tests in those days were done with 1 Clinetest tablet mixed with a small amount of urine and water. If they turned orange the sugar levels were high and if green the sugar levels were low. With the introduction of glucometers this shortened sugar tests to about 15 seconds. I had two glass syringes which were large and came with a pumice stone to sharpen the needle when it became blunt. Plastics syringes became available in the 1970’s. This meant it was much quicker to take my insulin.

Novo pens came next and eliminated the cost of having to buy syringes. The next was the introduction of the insulin pump. Currently on my second one and this is the best thing that has happened for controlling insulin levels.

Joining me on my journey of discovery has been my family who have had to share my ups and downs that have often occurred. 50 years ago there was little support for diabetics but with the introduction of Diabetes Educators and other support groups the future looks interesting.

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