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Sunday Mail City-Bay Fun Run

Thank you for helping us get over the finish line!

Be inspired by our fundraising heroes, find out what motivated them to reach out to the wider community and support Diabetes SA:

Thank you for raising $1,479.25 so far, every amount, small or big, makes a difference.

Donate online

We need your help, please donate  and help raise funds to support people and families living with diabetes in South Australia.

Click here to see photos from the event.


Nathan Bassett has joined Diabetes SA in the Sunday Mail City-Bay Fun Run

We are pleased and proud to announce that former Crows player and current Power Assistant Coach Nathan Bassett has joined Diabetes SA in the Sunday Mail City-Bay Fun Run.

Living with diabetes himself, Nathan is fully aware of the everyday challenges that people living with diabetes face, he says: 

"After being diagnosed at the age of 20 it took me several years to ask the difficult questions and fully address the issues associated with being a diabetic." 

"Running the City-Bay Fun Run is an opportunity to challenge myself, to prove that my condition won't stop me achieving my goals."

Nathan Bassett is determined to share his story and help raise awareness of the risks and complications involved with having diabetes.


Why do we need your help?

  • There are more 100,710 people living with diabetes in South Australia (as at 30 March 2016).
  • Web poll conducted for 2015 National Diabetes Week indicated that 97% people think that greater public understanding of the differences between type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes can help fight stigma and potential discrimination.
  • Diabetes SA is the largest charity in South Australia supporting all people of all ages living with diabetes.
  • Diabetes SA relies on the generosity of its members and community. The cost of providing a comprehensive education program, in addition to conducting children's activities and camps is ever increasing, as is the number of people living with diabetes in South Australia. Our job continues to grow, as does the need for financial support.

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