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Diabetes SA's 2018 National Diabetes Week Seminar

'Person Centred Care'

On Saturday 7 July Diabetes SA held the annual National Diabetes Week Seminar at the Adelaide Convention Centre in the City Rooms 1, 2 & 3.

This year's seminar theme was 'Person Centred Care' where topics such as the stomach, wound healing and meal planning was discussed.

The event was opened by Diabetes SA's Executive Manager Fiona Benton, where guests were introduced to Professor Michael Horowitz, leader of the National Health and Medical Research Council, Centre of Research Excellence in Translating Nutritional Science to Good Health who shared his expert knowledge on the stomach and diabetes.

Professor Horowitz discussed both the impact of diabetes on the stomach and how the stomach affects the management of diabetes. Medications used in diabetes management which work in the stomach were discussed and explained the effect of post prandial blood glucose levels. He also provided a brief explanation about gastroparesis (slowing of gastric emptying) which often comes hand in hand with diabetes.

After Professor Horowitz's presentation, we invited Dr Christina Bursill, Co-Director of the Vascular Research Centre at the South Australian Health and Medical Research and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide, to discuss the latest evidence on diabetes and wound healing.

Dr Bursill discussed some complications associated with diabetes and the impact diabetes has on would healing. She explored HDL and LDL cholesterol, and through research explained how HDL can improve wound healing. She described that the HDL helps by increasing blood supply to the affected area, which also increases the oxygen, causing the would to heal quicker. Dr. Bursill is now undertaking a human trial, as previous studies have been on mice and vitro.

Then it was time for morning tea. During morning tea, guests were invited to enjoy some delicious options of seasonal fruits with yoghurt, vegetable crudités with hummus and spinach and goat cheese frittatas, which were very popular.

Guests were also invited to have a look at the variety of display stalls available out in the foyer from the Podiatry team at Uni SA, Blood Glucose meter representatives from several companies and a research group for Intestinal Nutrient Sensing from SAHMRI.

Diabetes SA's stall was well attended with guests having the opportunity to meet staff and collect relevant resources, especially with regards to our new and exciting education programs that have just been launched. There were also representatives from our membership team available to answer questions and provide information on the benefits of membership with Diabetes SA.

After morning tea, we invited our very own Accredited Practicing Dietitian Claire Oliver, to bring her expertise with a session on creating your own healthy eating plan. Claire explored common challenges and discussed some practical tips in meal planning, shopping and preparing nutritious healthy meals for yourself and the family to enjoy.

Feedback from the 2018 National Diabetes Week Seminar was extremely positive with many guests verbally saying that the speakers were engaging and informative. Thank you to all that attended the seminar, we really hope you enjoyed it.







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The National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) is an initiative of the Australian Government administered with the assistance of Diabetes Australia.