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Diabetes SA Research

Diabetes SA Market Research

Since 1953 the delivery of services to people with diabetes including their carer's and families has largely been the domain of Diabetes SA but with recent changes including the redirection of product to pharmacy and the growing availability of diabetes services and programs, the Board have committed to conducting market research that suitably informs the needs and views of people in relation to the services linked to diabetes and the channels to access them.

The results of this research will inform the Association's strategic direction and the development of a future business model that will ensure the long-term sustainability of the Association.

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Diabetes SA Research Grants

As part of our mission, Diabetes SA through the generous support of our members and the community of South Australia has been able to support research into diabetes almost since our inception. Our commitment to funding research that is directed towards prevention, detection, management of diabetes and the identification, delivery and performance of services is paramount.

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Diabetes SA is excited to announce the researchers who have been successful in securing funding from the Diabetes SA Research Grant Program.

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Whilst each area of research is different both ultimately lead to better outcomes for people living with diabetes and those at risk.