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Callum’s Challenge

Callum recently approached the organisation with a desire to help. Callum's story shows his family history with diabetes and the sudden and surprising diagnosis of his younger sister Caitlin. Callum grew up knowing about diabetes as his Nana has been Type 1 for somewhere around 40 years. They were still very close and he would spend most of his school holidays hanging out with her. As an inquisitive kid, Callum would always wonder what she injected herself with every time they ate. Eventually he figured out that she was injecting insulin to counteract her sugar levels. He would always help cover up her hip whilst she did this whenever the family went out for meals. Callum felt that was his small way of helping her.

Three years ago, Callum and his sister Caitlin went to their Nan's house for tea. "She would encourage us to do a blood test every now and then just to make sure we had the right blood/glucose levels." Callum's levels were always normal (between 4 and 6 mmol/L), and so were Caitlin's, but not on this night. Caitlin had an extremely high reading of 22.5 mmol/L. Caitlin was retested and her readings were consistently high. The very next morning Caitlin was taken to the family doctor who sent her off to the hospital. That was the weekend that changed the lives of their family. At just age 9 Caitlin was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, something the family found difficult to comprehend.

Since then Callum has learned a lot more about diabetes and how to help his sister tackle the life changes that it brings, things no 9 year old should never experience. Caitlin is now 12, has been living with diabetes and been a member of Diabetes SA for three years.

Recently Callum felt the urge to do more than just help cover his Nan's hip or refrain from eating his sister's sugar free chocolate. As a sporty and active individual Callum saw an opportunity to achieve a personal goal and run a half-marathon in under 2 hours whilst raising money for Diabetes SA. Callum is going to undertake this challenge at the Adelaide Marathon festival on August 20th and hopes to raise awareness and much needed funds. The proceeds raised will go to Diabetes SA to help increase awareness, education, support and research – to people living with, or at risk of developing, diabetes.

You can support Callum by visiting his fundraising page at

Get behind Callum and help support Diabetes SA.