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Looking after your kidneys

Looking after your kidneys is important when you have diabetes.

Looking-after-your-kidneysHaving healthy kidneys can help keep your body in good condition and improve your general wellbeing. Your kidneys filter your blood to get rid of waste and toxins from your body. They also regulate your blood pressure. Kidney disease (nephropathy) is common in people with diabetes.

Over time, high blood pressure and high blood glucose levels can damage the small blood vessels in the kidney (known as microvascular disease). As a result, these small blood vessels become leaky and don’t filter the blood properly, so the kidneys don’t work as well as they should.

If you have kidney disease, you may also be more likely to have other diabetes-related complications, such as heart disease and damage to the nerves and eyes. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have an increased risk of diabetes-related kidney disease.

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  • Looking after your kidneys

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