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Managing hypoglycaemia

Hypoglycaemia, also known as a hypo, occurs in people with diabetes when their blood glucose level drops below 4mmol/L.


Hypos can occur in people with diabetes who take insulin or other types of glucose lowering medications.

Learn about 'Managing hypoglycaemia':

  • What are the main causes of a hypo?
  • What are the symptoms of a hypo?
  • How is hypo treated?
  • What happens if a hypo is not treated?
  • Hypo unawareness
  • Other things to consider

Access this information sheet:

Download the PDF, or
Request the information sheet be sent out to you.

Hypoglycaemia — Online Learning Program

This program aims to help people understand hypoglycaemia. This information is not only suitable for people living with diabetes but for all members of the community.

The Hypoglycaemia program will cover:

  • what is hypoglycaemia,
  • who is at risk of hypoglycaemia,
  • the signs and symptoms of hypoglycaemia,
  • how to manage hypoglycaemia and emergency situations.

Visit the 'Hypoglycaemia' Online Learning Program.

This program should not replace any recommendations provided by your diabetes team. This program will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and consists of a video, some written information and links to more resources.


The National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) is an initiative of the Australian Government administered with the assistance of Diabetes Australia.