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This is the story of Amelia Green.

ameliaThe symptoms began at the age of 6. Dizziness, frequent urination, lack of energy, confusion and not wanting to get out of bed. It was a time of frustration and angst for Amelia, a young girl who could not understand why these things were happening to her. These things not only affected Amelia but her entire family.

Amelia's mother became increasingly concerned and following blood tests, Amelia was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. With no history of diabetes in the family this diagnosis was unexpected. Learning to manage presented many challenges, including blood glucose testing, regular insulin injections, food and lifestyle decisions. For the family there were sleepless nights and concerns about the future.

The family soon visited Diabetes SA and found the much needed support they were desperate for. No judgement, no funny looks, questions answered, and information at their fingertips, this was a tremendous relief. It was at this time Amelia became a member of Diabetes SA to take full advantage of the benefits available.

Amelia enjoys the positive stories and information in the member magazine and the whole family look forward to regular updates and a constant flow of information from Diabetes SA. Amelia has attended Kid's Camp which she loved very much. The most enjoyable part of camp for Amelia was meeting other kids with type 1, sharing their stories on how they manage and the comfort in knowing she is not alone. Amelia's mum is also grateful for camp. "It is the first time that I have been able to relax overnight, knowing the camp leaders are trained and can look after the kids is wonderful peace of mind".

Amelia is getting ready for high school now and is on pump therapy. There are challenges in managing the pump but progress is being made. Public stigma and lack of understanding is still common and there are often comments from people about a child so young with a mobile phone, unfortunately they don't realise this is an insulin pump to help Amelia.

amelia2Amelia is now a healthy, bright, energetic young lady, she is an active swimmer and netballer and with support, diabetes doesn't stop her from doing the things she loves. Amelia's grandmother Gloria was so grateful for the help given by Diabetes SA, she now is an integral part of the volunteer program and when Amelia gets a little older, she would also like to volunteer and give something back.

This Christmas, help Diabetes SA help other families like the Green's. Your support will ensure we can continue to help people like Amelia and her family live well with diabetes.

Please make a donation today, your support is greatly appreciated.

On behalf of all the team at Diabetes SA, I wish you and your whole family a safe and happy Christmas and festive season.




Angelique Pasalidis
Chief Executive Officer

All donations over $2 are tax deductable.

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Thank you for your support.