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Workplace information pack


The Diabetes SA 'workplace information pack,' is designed to provide information to ensure a safe and supportive working environment for people with diabetes. This pack is designed for a person with diabetes to take to their workplace and be used how they feel is suitable.

Included in the pack is:

Diabetes in the workplace, a guide for people with diabetes — under review


This A5 booklet aims to help people manage diabetes in the workplace and covers topics such as applying for jobs, telling employers and colleagues about their diabetes, workplace rights and responsibilities, discrimination, managing shift work, driving and travel and staying safe in the workplace.

Download: Diabetes in the workplace, a guide for people with diabetes

Diabetes in the workplace, an employers guide — under review


This A5 booklet aims to enhance an employers understanding of diabetes by providing information about the different types of diabetes and how they are managed. It also covers the workplace roles and responsibilities, discrimination and frequently asked questions by employers.

Download: Diabetes in the workplace, an employers guide

Diabetes emergency information poster


This A4 poster is a step by step guide for the management of hypoglycaemia. This may be displayed in a person's workplace so that all staff know what to do in an emergency situation.

Download: Diabetes emergency information poster

Diabetes information flipchart

This flipchart is aimed at colleagues of people with diabetes. It provides basic information about diabetes management including the management of emergency situations, diabetes myths and facts and diabetes etiquette. It is a great resource to have available in the office, staff room or lunch room.

Hypo kit sticker

This sticker has been designed to apply to a hypo kit, making it easily identifiable in the workplace.

People living with diabetes can order a pack, free of charge, by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or calling 1300 198 204.