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Regular monitoring of your blood glucose level (BGL) is important for blood glucose management. Your management plan can be assessed and changes can be made if required.

The blood glucose level can be estimated by using a blood glucose meter. Your diabetes educator or health care professional will demonstrate to you how to use the meter. Basically it involves obtaining a small sample of blood using a lancet device to prick the finger. This tiny drop of blood is placed onto a strip which has been inserted into the blood glucose meter. Within seconds, a result is shown on a screen. This result needs to be recorded in a record book or sheet.

Your blood glucose levels change during the day depending on many factors including the presence of stress or illness, the type and amount of food you eat and your level of physical activity. By understanding the effect of food and activity on blood glucose levels, you can work with your health care professional to adjust your management plan.

The expected blood glucose range during pregnancy is lower than for people with diabetes who are not pregnant. Discuss your target range with health care team.

When do I test?

Follow your health care provider's advice about when to test your blood glucose level.

Most commonly, you will be asked to test four times a day:

  • fasting glucose level – when you wake in the morning, before you eat,
  • 2 hours after the start of each meal,
  • in some cases you may be asked to test 1 hour after the start of your meal, and/or before meals.

If your glucose level is outside your range you need to discuss this with your health care provider.

In some instances, healthy eating and physical activity alone will not keep your blood glucose levels in the target range, and medication will be prescribed.